You are getting good advice from everyone so far

I recommend sitting down every month and doing a written budget TOGETHER. decide Together where every dime is going before you spend it. Any extra MUST go to paying off debt.This is also a good time to stop using credit cards.Try it for 3 months and you will be amazed at how much less you spend.Tracking with Quicken is also a good idea. If you do this TOGETHER, he will never have to worry about where the money went. He will already know and also see that you have more than before.

My advice: purchase Quicken or MS Money (I only know about Quicken) and set up your accounts so you can track you spending by Categories. Then you can see exactly where your money is going, esp in the “Dining Out” and “Entertainment” categories. Do it for 3-6 months, you’ll be surprised how much money goes for non-essentials. And don’t forget to track cash ATM withdrawals! Good luck, you will find a lot of good advice at this group.

Other software is discussed in this video: