My husband and I have been having the same problems

My husband and I have been having the same problems that you are having, so I feel for you. One suggesting that I do have is to call either the hospitable or were the billing is coming from and ask to speak with a supervisor or manager. I’ve worked in customer service for 6 years, and there is really so much that they can offer you and the secret to getting what you want is to speak people who have more control. Explain your situation to them and if they tell you that you still have to have a $120 payment a month, ask to speak with their supervisor or manager. Don’t give up until you get what you want.

Make sure that you never give a verbal or written okay to set up a high payment plan. If you are sending in payments, they have to except your payments. Also, make sure that you document every call that they make and tell them to note your file that you called. I have noticed that these medical collections lack communication. For example I just recently called to check on some of my payments that I sent, and let the lady know I am sending in another payment. The next day, they called and asked when a payment would be made.

Another note, I do know that medical bills are looked at last by creditors. However, if you are denied credit, go back to your records and supply them with all the information in writing. Let them know that you were making payments and give them all the documentation that you were trying to solve the situation. But just keep sending in payments as you are and keep fighting. They will give in. When I speak with them, I always ask/tell them when they say they can’t except less than a large amount, I can either send nothing or $25, which one do you want. Make them choose, and don’t be afraid to be stern with them or the Credit agency and remember, if you don’t like the answer from them, asked to speak with someone else.