I would suggest the same as other people on here

Track all your spending to see where it goes.

My wife and I are in a similar situation. And I will be the first to admit that I don’t save as well as her. I purchase things that I want / need as well, and I do purchase things that I need for my computer consulting business. But that said, I do make good money but I’ve found out that our living expenses are fairly high.

After we got married I bought her a 2 year old Ford Explorer. The payments would be $380 a month. Didn’t seem like a big deal. She would have a safe vehicle to drive in the winter (We live in Canada where there is 500 feet of snow Eh!) and we would have a nice vehicle to drive on trips. I have a full size pickup and I don’t drive anything where my ass drags on the road.

The $380 I was okay with. The problem arose when I went to get insurance on it. My insurance jumped from $80 per month for her Cavalier and my F150 to $390 a month for my F150 and the Explorer. This was because of 1 at fault accident and 2 speeding tickets over 5 years.

It is costing me more to drive the Explorer than it is to buy it. I’m very aggravated about this, as the whole insurance business (in Canada anyways) is a complete farce.

Anyhoo, my suggestions are to use a debit card to buy everything. I get out $20 at the beginning of the week for coffee’s all week, and I pay debit for everything else. Lunch, movie rentals, all that crap.