Debt freedom

How many other members have achieved debt freedom?

That is no debt at all, no home debt, auto debt, medical debt, credit card or consumer loan debt etc. Total debt freedom prior to retirement and living a cash based lifestyle. The story of those who have achieved debt freedom will be an encouragement to those that are still in debt that debt freedom is attainable.

Pay yourself 10% first is a goal that all need to do in order to start on a path to debt freedom. Setting up a budget and sticking to it and living beneath your means is the only way to achieve total debt freedom.

Living beneath your means is spending less than you take home from your employment. It is not how much you make that is important it is how much of it your keep.

I am currently reading True Prosperity your guide to a cash-based lifestyle by K.C. Knouse from my local library. The book has some good ideas and guidelines on how to become debt free.