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They may call it something else like Citibank’s Checking Plus but the words overdraft protection or coverage will tell them what you want. If you don’t have enough funds in your checking account it provides coverage for checks.

Also if you have a mastercard or visa debit card associated with the checking account it should cover its transactions too. But again I warn the APR is high 18-21%. I have two overdraft accounts with Citibank and Chase. I just had a problem where Citibank denied a transaction that my wife did over the Internet but hopefully I will be able to clear this up.

It’s called “The Two-Income Trap: Why Middle-Class Mothers and Fathers Are Going Broke”. It also explains why bankruptcy helps, and not hurts, the family (assuming your debt isn’t from overspending on luxuries or blowing it all on nonsense, compulsive debting etc, which statistically speaking is extremely rare). That is just a small part of it though.

All I have to say is PLEASE read it and do yourself a favor (heard about it from the Dr. Phil show, which I do not watch but someone told me about it). Right now it is a BARGAIN bok at amazon in hardcover for $6.99 (less than paperback!!), which is how I bought it. The link is below to read about it, at the bargain price.

I am new to the list, and thus far my mail bounced because of account probs at yahoo…but glad to be here. Have filed BR in the past.