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I personally wouldn’t remind my spouse of what has been purchased in the past. Just put it behind you and enjoy the widescreen. You should focus on the present (lunches, fantasy football) and address the waste of money it creates. Not to make it sound like it’s entirely his wrongdoing, mention something you’ll cutting back/eliminating so its sounds more like a joint effort from the two of you.

In a previous post, I liked the mention of paying off one debt, and then moving on and paying off the second one, etc. In July 05 I’ll be making my last car payment, and I already have the money earmarked in Aug. to agressively start paying off the first card. Good luck to you, and just stay focused!

Just in reading your message, the first time, I saw a number of danger signs. Not sure why your husband would just up and quit his job without another, especially knowing he’s partly responsible for bills and a family.

Also, I commend you for being one who’s not afraid of work, but part of me can’t help but wonder if your priorities might be a bit of out line. If you already know you have “way too many credit cards,” this probably means that you’ve way overextended yourself. The additional fact that you said you felt you should be able to buy my kids designer clothes and have what you want indicates that you probably buy some things you don’t need (or at minimum, aren’t necessities). Sure, the kids might be and look cute, cool or contemporary, but at what cost?

Are you not in effect teaching them that it’s ok to “have what you want,” even if you can’t afford it, and go way into debt to get it? So, I guess the real question really isn’t about debt elimination companies, but perhaps might be this: do you want to get yourself in a stable financial position, and learn the principles so you can teach your children how to do the same, OR, do you want to keep working “a lot”, buying your kids designer clothing, yet be broke with a horrible credit rating? What legacy do you want to leave your kids? Your choice.

The right company can be helpful in assisting a person to get a handle on debt and come up with a plan to pay it off, but with your current apparent mindset, it would only be a matter of time before you’d find yourself right back in the same (or worse) position. Why do that to yourself?